The Fifrth Built Environment Conference

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bullet point About the Conference

conference whiteboard picThe Fifth Built Environment Conference was held at the Southern Sun, Elangeni in Durban from 18 - 20 July 2010.

The conference had a wide scope and topics were organized around the broad theme of the Built Environment.

bullet point Who attended

The event was attended by researchers, academics, administrators and practitioners representing educational institutions, government agencies, contracting organizations, consulting enterprises, financial institutions, and other construction-related organizations from Southern Africa and the rest of the world.

bullet point Purpose of the Conference

The main topics explored included:

  • Sustainable construction
  • Education and Professional Development
  • Service delivery /Customer service
  • Information Technology
  • Legislation and Regulatory Framework
  • Safety, Health, Environment and Quality
  • Construction Industry Development
  • International Construction Risk Management
  • Housing

bullet point Objectives of the Conference

  • To provide a forum for multi-disciplinary Interaction between academics and practitioners
  • To provide an internationally recognised, accredited conference for the built environment
  • To disseminate innovative and cutting edge practices
  • To contribute to the built environment body of knowledge(BEBOK)

bullet point Conference Outcomes

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Through this conference, answers were sought to the following :

  • What changes would lead to improvements?
  • How can informal technology contribute to improvement?
  • What are the barriers to change?
  • What economic levers can be used?
  • How can informal construction sector and SMME problems be addressed?
  • How can education, training, and professional development be improved?
  • How can all industry participants be integrated?
  • How can communication and management difficulties be addressed?
  • How can project risks be better recognized, understood and avoided?
  • How can diversity be promoted?
  • How can the regulatory environment be more effective?