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        During this reporting period, the Associationmade
        significant strides and achieved its milestones in
        several of its core activities.

        The industry continued to battle in extremely tough
        trading conditions, but there was a moderate
        improvement in outlook in certain quarters. A
        number of members resigned as a result of
        shutting operations but the bulk continue to trade
        and remain on as members.

        The government continued to underscore its
        commitment to infrastructure development but, as
        with previous years, there was very little clarity    suppliers are working hard to get up to speed with
        on where the expenditure would be applied. This       the new requirements and have a lot of ground to
        makes it difficult for the industry to plan, as       cover.
        roleplayers don’t know where the work is going to
        take place, and what the nature of the work will be.  The overall success of an employer organisation is
        In the non-subsidy residential sector, the news was   vested in its members and their participation and
        not good. The costs of building a house remained      support in the activities of the Association, hence
        at round 30% more expensive than buying an            sincere gratitude and appreciation to all our
        existing one. Consumers remain cash-strapped and      members, and particulalrly those who gave of
        the property market is still relatively flat.         their time and effort to ensure that we remain
                                                              directly in touch with their needs.
        The government remains committed to rolling out
        subsidy housing and has been quite open about the     Members continued to face mounting challenges,
        inferior quality of much that has been built so far.   both existing and new, and the association’s
        A figure of R90 billion to rectify defective housing   officials and representatives worked hard to stay
        was bandied about at some point, and it appears       abreast of developments and provide members
        that national, provincial and local government are    with support and guidance on a broad range of
        becoming more serious about ensuring effective        matters.
        quality control. Regarding corruption and
        procurement bottlenecks, there were a few             The Association continued to deliver on its
        encouraging signs that dialogue might be              mandate to offer value to members. All existing
        improving here and there, but on the whole the        services and offerings continued to be delivered
        relationship between the building industry and its    to members, and various tweaks were made to
        biggest single client, the state, was still far from   make the offerings even more user friendly and
        where it should be. We still need to see far more     accessible. Considerable effort was made to
        open engagement on all of the issues that             continue building the Master Builders brand,
        detrimentally impact both sides.                      which can now be fully harnessed by members
                                                              using Find-a-Builder and other platforms.
        One of the significant developments for the
        industry, was the promulgation of a new part of the   Despite tough trading conditions generally, the
        National Building Regulations dealing with Energy     core commercial activities continued to deliver as
        Efficiency in Buildings. This is the first of a suite of   planned and certain business units exceeded
        regulations that will effectively make aspects of     expectations significantly.
        green building compulsory. Contractors, built
        environment professionals and material

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