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                                     AND SAFETY

        The issue of safety is one of the primary focus
        areas of Master Builders KwaZulu-Natal. It is a
        Constitutional requirement that “a member is
        required to maintain healthy and safe working
        conditions for all it’s employees and to respect
        and protect the environment.” Master Builders
        South Africa (MBSA) is represented on the
        Advisory Council for Occupational Health & Safety
        (ACOHS) and proactively participates in legislative
        reform and the formulation of best practice.
        Master Builders South Africa has a National Health
        & Safety Committee which meets regularly to
        discuss mechanisms to foster and encourage            Master Builders South Africa Occupational
        observation of occupational health and safety         Health & Safety System
        legislation and best practice.

        The following OHS services were rendered to the       This is a comprehensive system which is available
        Association’s Members during 2011/12:                 to Members who are encouraged to purchase it. It
                                                              is a systematic method by which construction
        OHS Surveys and Advice – 2 192                        enterprises can ensure occupational health and
        Formal OHS Star Gradings – 78                         safety on every level and with every type of
        Safety Compliance Checks – 272                        construction related endeavour. The system is
        Regional OHS Competition - 53 entries judged          reviewed and updated regularly.
        Online OHS Forum Postings – 526
        OHS Forum Meetings – 6 with 328 attendees             Occupational Health and Safety Services
        OHS Consulting – 136 projects
                                                              The Association maintains an extensive
        Regional & National Occupational                      occupational health & safety department and the
        Health & Safety Competitions                          focus is on occupational health & safety
                                                              throughout the province. The services are
        The Association conducts an annual  Health and        available from all four of our service centres in
        Safety Competition which is open to all members       Durban, Empangeni, Pietermaritzburg and Shelly
        and is well supported. The competition is a site      Beach. Occupational health and safety service is
        specific initiative and aims to engender a culture    provided to our Members free of charge and any
        of occupational health and safety at all levels of    Member can call on our highly qualified staff at
        our member enterprises from general workers           any time to assist them with any issues relating
        through to management. The Regional                   to observance of occupational health and safety
        Occupational Health and  Safety Competition           legislation and best practice.
        feeds into a National competition along the same
        guidelines, which seeks to recognise achievements
        in occupational health & safety excellence in
        enterprises throughout the country. It is
        noteworthy that the KwaZulu-Natal Master
        Builders Association has dominated this
        competition for many years, winning the majority
        of the national awards.

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