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Safety Check                                         Online Safety Forum
          Each new Member applying for membership
          receives a “courtesy visit” from one of our Health   The Association hosts an online forum dedicated to
          and Safety  team who  will ascertain the levels of   Health & Safety in the Construction Industry. This forum
          safety compliance. Additionally, our existing        is free to access and serves both as a great resource
          members also undergo such safety checks to           and a sounding board. Currently there are more than
          ascertain the levels of compliance and we will       1 600 members registered on the forum.
          assist members with any interventions required to
          get them up to speed should they not already be at
          this level.

          SafeBuild DVD - (

                            The Association has produced the
                            SafeBuild DVD series, which was
                            born out of a  need to provide the
                            South African Construction
                            Industry with a locally produced
                            Occupational Health and Safety
                            training aid. The brief was to
                            ensure that the material was
                            comprehensive, based on local
                            legislation  and regulations and easy
                            to understand.
          Another critical consideration was that the DVD should
          be available in 5 official languages: English, Afrikaans,
          Xhosa, Zulu and Sotho. The final goal was to make the
          DVD available at an affordable price. This would
          enable  the  greatest  possible  uptake  of  the  SafeBuild
          DVD throughout South Africa, which meant that more                 As one team member put it,
          workers and industry stakeholders are taught how to
          work safely and how to create a safe working                     If just one life is saved through
          environment. We are confident that the SafeBuild DVD                     the lessons and
          will assist in lowering the frequency of incidents and       guidelines contained in the DVD, we will
          accidents on South African construction sites, and                  feel that we have made a
          create a greater depth of understanding of safety                  positive contribution to the
          issues across the board.                                                    Industry.”

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