2022 Digital Twin International Conference

25 – 28 September 2022 | ZOOM Conference

Conference Aim

Digital Twin refers to the digital representation of a physical system in the digital world. The importance of digital twin to digital economy is increasingly recognized in recent years. Innovative applications of digital twin can be found in a variety of different fields. Digital Twin International Conference aims to gather world-renowned scholars to share the latest scientific research results, discuss technological frontiers, and build a high-level international exchange platform and lead the innovation and development of science, technology, and engineering in the field of digital twin.

Conference Scope

The conference will accommodate a wide spectrum of topics on digital twin, including but not limited to:

  • Digital twin concept, architecture, and framework
  • Digital twin theory, method, key technologies and tools
  • Digital twin service
  • Digital twin security
  • Digital twin standards
  • Digital twin driven smart manufacturing
  • Digital twin city
  • Digital twin healthcare
  • Digital twin energy

Novel applications of digital twin in aviation, robotics, shipping, vehicles and railways, industrial engineering and engineering management, agriculture, mining, etc.