DORA: Project TARA

Ready for your next step towards responsible research assessment?

Wherever you are in your journey, we’re working on something for you 

As part of the DORA community, you know that using JIF and other inappropriate proxy measures of quality can leave behind talented people and hold back our ability to evaluate the wide breadth of scholarly work that often goes under-recognized and under-rewarded. Together with us at DORA, you’re helping to advocate for a holistic approach to evaluation that rewards: 

  • conducting research involving, and having impact on, local communities;
  • service, teaching and mentorship;
  • openness and rigor;
  • and efforts to improve equity, diversity, and inclusion.

You might also have first hand experience in how challenging it can be to make meaningful changes to assessment policies and practices. Many in the academic community want to change things for the better but don’t know where to start.

That’s why we’ve been busy creating a one-stop-shop tool full of ideas and inspiration to explore how responsible research assessment practices are being implemented in institutions around the world, and to enable you to share what you’re doing with others.

A tool for the community, made with the community

This work forms part of our Project TARA. We’ve previously shared updates on how we gathered ideas for who the tool should be for and what it could do and how to categorize source data.

Thank you to everyone who has input so far through our community calls and emails. This tool is being co-created with members of the reform community and will continue to grow as a resource for and with you.