PowerPoint Presentation Skills Seminar by Dr Ephraim Zulu

PowerPoint Presentation Skills Seminar
To be held 12 September 2022 at 17h30 and
26 September 2022 during 16th BEC

Seminar for Registered Conference Delegates only.
Contact conference@asocsa.org for more information.

Take the opportunity to enhance your PowerPoint presentation skills with Dr Ephraim Zulu.

This seminar is especially useful for researchers and students looking to enhance their presentation skills in Microsoft PowerPoint. The seminar is intended to highlight some of the usually neglected but useful and effective tools and functions in Microsoft PowerPoint which can enhance a presentation. The seminar will also provide accepted best practice when it comes to presentations, highlighting some common pitfalls and how to avoid these.

The seminar covers the following topics:

  • Avoiding pitfalls of bad slide
    • Slide structure
    • Fonts
    • Colours
    • Background
    • Graphs
    • Spelling and grammar
  • Slide designs
  • Slide transitions
  • Using the slide master for consistent slide designs
  • Using animations to enhance your presentation
    • Designing animation
    • Controlling multiple animation sequences on a slide
    • Using the animation pane
  • Using the pen and pointer features of MS PowerPoint
  • Slideshow
    • Rehearsing the slideshow
    • Recording the slideshow
Dr Ephraim Zulu

Dr Ephraim Zulu is a lecturer and researcher in the department of Construction Economics and Management at the Copperbelt University in Zambia. He holds a PhD in Construction Management and an MSc in International Construction Management and Engineering. His research interests include inquiry based engineering education sustainable construction, and sustainability transitioning in developing countries. He has made many PowerPoint presentations at international conferences and was awarded a best presentation award at a conference in Bali, Indonesia.